Induced seismicity and ground deformation as interference aspects in the operation of geothermal plants in the South German Molasse
Seismic SurveySWM

In 2019, the extensive BMWi project INSIDE was acquired as part of the "7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government - Innovations for the Energy Turnaround". INSIDE stands for "Induced Seismicity & Ground Deformation as Interference Aspects in the Operation of Geothermal Plants in the Molasse of Southern Germany". The project addresses investigations for an improved process understanding in the deep subsurface and measures for risk minimization. The project partners are Stadtwerke München (SWM Services GmbH) and Innovative Energie für Pullach GmbH - IEP.

The lack of process understanding of seismicity and ground deformation in the subsurface is a challenge that the geothermal sector currently has to face in order to implement effective monitoring and risk-minimized operation management. The INSIDE project aims to close this understanding gap and derive risk-minimizing measures from it.

The further development and expansion of active and passive monitoring for the continuous recording of seismicity and ground motions is a main aspect of the project. To this end, a measurement concept is to be developed and a measurement network expanded that goes beyond the current standard of data collection.

The acquisition of these data involves the management of large amounts of data with different levels of access and therefore requires the design of a data management system (Big Data Engineering).

The results of the acquisition and interpretation of this data will be of further value for geomechanical reservoir modelling. Another focus of the project is therefore the further development and implementation of innovative numerical models for the description and prediction of induced seismicity and ground uplift/subsidence in an urban environment.

The project results will enable real-time integration of measurement data and modelling results into the operational processes of a geothermal project and will be integrated into a reservoir management system (RMS) to minimise risks and optimise operational concepts.