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Teaching, research and innovations for an environmentally sound use of deep geothermal energy
Change of stress in a geothermal reservoir. KIT
Simulation of stress changes in a geothermal reservoir.

In 2010, the Endowed Chair for Geothermal Energy at the Institute of Applied Geosciences at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental Sciences was newly established and Prof. Thomas Kohl was appointed as its head. Aims of the chair are

  • a research-related and practice-oriented teaching for future experts and decision-makers in international competition
  • research into complex processes under operating conditions for the environmentally compatible usilization of geothermal energy in the context of the energy transition
  • the development of innovative, science-based technologies in cooperation with industry.

Within the framework of the Program-Oriented Funding (POF) of the Helmholtz Association, Thomas Kohl coordinates the topic "Geothermal Energy Systems" in the "Renewable Energies" program of the Research Field Energy at KIT. In the upcoming POFIV period, the department will contribute to research in the topic "High-Temperature Thermal Technologies" in the MTET (Materials and Technology for the Energy Transition) program.

In addition to research and teaching, a further focus is on the development of large-scale research infrastructures. These include

  • the underground laboratory GeoLaB,
  • the geothermal storage demonstrator DeepStor,
  • the flow laboratory FaT4.