Work with us on the energy turnaround!
Feldarbeiten in Chile im Rahmen einer MesskampagneMax Pavez
Prof. Kohl diskutiert mit den Doktoranden Stricker und Emaeil Pour
Prof. Thomas Kohl discusses with PhD students.

Our department "Geothermal Energy and Reservoir Technology" offers socially relevant research for the investigation and further development of geothermal technologies as a renewable energy source. We are involved in university research and teaching and form a significant part of the subtopic "Geoenergy" in the program "MTET - Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition" of the large-scale research of the Helmholtz Association.

Together with our research partners, we develop and build research infrastructures such as GeoLaB and DeepStor. In doing so, we also take social science issues into account; these have given rise, for example, to the GECKO project or a geoethical concept for GeoLaB.

For your personal further qualification we offer an international environment, among others with partners in France, Chile, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Iceland and Australia.

We will soon be looking for a PhD student for numerical modelling - more information and a job advertisement will be available soon.