Geothermal Energy and Reservoir Technology

Main research topics

Field measurements in ChileKIT
Geothermal exploration

To establish a geothermal power plant, the exploration of the potential reservoir is a indispensible step at an early stage. For this purpose we use and develop various indirect and direct methods.

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Geological model of a geothermal reservoir.
Reservoir development

Sustainable use strategies are the basis for the optimal exploitation of geothermal resources, and a good understanding of the reservoir is a prerequisite for geothermal storage concepts. 

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Scaling in a geothermal borehole.
Geothermal fluids

Geothermal fluids form a chemical equilibrium with the reservoir rock. What changes can be observed in the geothermal system during circulation?

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Numerical model of a geothermal reservoir.KIT

We use numerical methods to understand and influence the effects of coupled processes on the geothermal reservoir and the physical and chemical processes.

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Location of seismicity in Los Humeros within the GeMEX projectKIT
Induced seismicity and geomechanics

What are the relationships between the local stress field, the geomechanical properties of fractures and fault zones and induced seismicity?

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