Geothermal energy system integration modeling

This picture shows the location of the Olkaria field and other geothermal prospects within Kenya.
Location of the Olkaria field and geothermal prospects within Kenya
This picture shows the anion composition of water of production wells for Olkaria.
Anion composition of water of production wells for Olkaria

Geothermal energy system integration for the Olkaria geothermal field in Naivasha, Kenya 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl

Person in charge: Kay Nyaboe Nyakundi

I am a Ph.D. Scholar funded by the PASET (Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Technology) - RSIF (Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund).

This Ph.D. thesis focuses on geothermal energy system integration for the Olkaria geothermal field in Naivasha, Kenya. Geothermal energy system integration involves having combined cycle geothermal power plants. It can be used efficiently to contribute to a sustainable improvement of geothermal energy supply systems. Geothermal combined cycle power plants helps to improve the utilization of geothermal energy resources. In addition, its capability to address sustainability goals in terms of energy stability and security with a focus on energy efficiency to enhance the economic competitiveness of a country. Generally, geothermal energy production is a very expensive venture for any country’s economy. Right from the initial stages of exploration to drilling of new geothermal wells and putting up an operational and running power plant it is usually capital intensive. Therefore, Kenya as a country needs to look for alternative ways of incorporating geothermal Energy system integration so as to reduce the costs of geothermal exploration & utilization while still exploring the vast resource of geothermal energy it has so as to supply it high and increasing demand for energy.

The main tasks for this research work include the characterization of geothermal fluids. Whereby geochemical sampling and analyses of the geothermal fluids to characterize the subsurface geothermal resource and the thermodynamic conditions in the power plants which is guided by Dr. Fabian Nitschke (and in collaboration with Lars Yström). The study will also demonstrate exergoeconomic optimization analysis that will compare the different power plant setups/combinations regarding the energy, geochemical, and economical feasibility within the Olkaria geothermal field.