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Generated mesh in a faulted fold geological strutur
Ali Dashti

Analyzing the uncertainty of geological models on the distribution of modelled properties

Numerical simulation of multiphase reactive flow in geothermal wellbores
Morteza Esmaeil Pour

Numerical simulation of non-isothermal multiphase and multi-component transport in deep geothermal systems

Water sampling on the Tolhuaca volcano in Chile during a research trip of Valentin Goldberg
Valentin Goldberg

Selective precipitation of dissolved minerals of geothermal brines

Nanoparticle tracer with messenger function for multi-parameter reservoir exploration
Laura Spitzmüller

Design and application of nanoparticle tracer with messenger function for multi-parameter reservoir exploration

PhD Thesis Kai Stricker - Titelbild: Wärmeausbreitung um die heiße Bohrung eines Hochtemperatur-Wärmespeichers mit der Zeit (Ergebnis von numerischer Modellierung).
Kai Stricker

Hochtemperatur Wärmespeicherung in ehemaligen Kohlenwasserstoffreservoiren

Numerical model of a convection cell in a vertical fault.
Guoqiang Yan

Numerical simulation on kilometer-scale fault-related thermal anomalies in tight gas sandstones

Multikomponenten-Geothermometrie für eine Geothermiebohrung in Krafla, Island.
Lars Yström